Making Sure Your RV Is Ready For Your Next Trip

25 May 2018
 Categories: Recreation & Sports, Blog


Fishing, camping, or just getting away for the weekend, it is important that you make sure the RV is ready and that everything you need in in it. Each outing will require different preparation because the trip may be different.  You need to plan the trip you are taking, not ones that you have taken in the past. Here are some things to consider.

Inspecting The RV

Before you head out on the road, it is a good idea to take the RV into the shop and have the oil changed. While you are there, have the tires checked, the frame, brakes, and exhaust system inspected. If you have a few parts that need to be replaced before you set off, do so to prevent breakdowns along the highway somewhere. There is no way to guarantee that you will not have anything go wrong, but having new parts will give you peace of mind. There are a couple of roadside services companies out there, so be sure to have their contact information on hand just in case. Making sure the RV is safe and dependable is critical to a successful trip.

Take What You Need

Before you head out, you need to take a look at what you have and what else you might need. If you need something in the RV, take it, but remember, the more stuff you put in the camper, the less room you will have when you get where you are going. Remember that a lot of campgrounds will provide things like picnic tables, and most have a store that you can get small items in if you left something out then need it after you get where you are going.

Picking A RV Site

Some campgrounds will allow you to reserve specific sites from the sitemap; the only problem is that you can't be sure that the site will fit your RV properly. If the campground allows you to pick out your site when you arrive, you may want to opt for a pull through site to make it easier to get in and out of. Look for one with shade trees only on the edge of the site. The campsites with trees over them are great if you are in a tent or small camper, but they often obstruct the path for an RV, and that can do a lot of damage to the roof of the RV.

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